What does Katrina look for in men?

Katrina Kaif is making mercury rise like never before — with hot films, a soaring fan following and an army of young supporters that are making the hottie a formidable storm to weather. However, it’s not just for her physical attributes that she is admired.
The lady has earned the respect of many for her sensible remarks. Recently, she was asked who, among the men, had the best physique. She candidly shot back, “If I want to be politically correct, I can say all our heroes have good bodies. Everyone looks good because all of them work hard on their bodies. One of the first was Salman. Akshay also has one of the finest lean and tough bodies. Aamir has developed a great physique. This is remarkable because it’s tough to build such a body and maintain it after a certain age. But, frankly, what a girl looks for in a man is not his six-pack, his looks, or his age difference – it’s just his kindness and his charm that win women over.”