The World at their Feet

Vying for the most coveted Miss World 2008 crown, India's Parvathy Omnakuttan is pretty upset over nearly missing the main title as she was
Parvathy Omnakuttan

announced as the first runner up. Contesting 108 beauties at the international pageant, Parvathy was upbeat throughout the gala with her confidence, poise and attitude but much to her shock, the final results left her in despair.

On being asked about the highlights of her Johannesburg journey, a confident Parvathy had said, "It feels like being at home and I can see many similarities between my country (India) and South Africa. From warmth, hospitality to great cultures to having two most influential men - Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, it's like being in my own country."

From making it to the 15 semi-finalists, to Top 5 and then to the 1st runner up title at the Miss World 2008 pageant, Parvathy kept all hopes alive just to see them shattering on hearing the final verdict. We spoke to Parvathy as she bares her soul on losing the Miss World title yet winning the battle...

Frankly, there was nothing much going in my mind or heart. And I was really very confident that I will make it to the final three winners. But the moment results were announced, I was extremely shocked. I don't know whether the most deserving one has won or not.

Victory would have been more special if I would have won the Miss World title, as it was never my dream to be a runner up. So my efforts, confidence and hard work would have actually paid if I would have won the pageant. Right now, there's nothing great to feel happy about.

I do not believe in checking the past. While standing there among top five, I was thinking that if I win the Miss World crown, it would be the 6th victory for India, and this in itself would be a record. But it's really sad and upsetting that I lost out. What made me feel even worse was the fact that everybody including the co-contestants and my fans came to me and said 'you deserved the title.'

I just don't believe in faking and I was being my natural self throughout the pageant, so this, I guess, was my biggest strength.