‘Sexiest’ Hugh’s wife not impressed

Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman has revealed that his wife couldn’t believe he had been voted as the ‘world’s sexiest man alive’. The X-Men actor revealed that Deborra Lee Furness was very sceptical of his victory. “The very first thing Debs said was, ‘I knew it! I knew I’d marry the sexiest man alive!’” a website quoted Jackman as saying.
“The second reaction was a genuine questioning of the process, and how it’s chosen. ‘Is it readers, is it votes, is the editors?’ she asked. I said, “I think it’s the editors and a think tank, and they get together, throw up photos and work out whose publicist they’re on good terms with, and they decide!” he added. “And she said. ‘So anyone could get it?’ I replied that they could. And she said. ‘And Brad Pitt didn’t get it?’!” Jackman revealed at a press conference.
“He’s a triple threat, a star who can sing, dance and wield a weapon,” a magazine explained when naming Jackman, the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’.