Priety on a straight bat

She is often known to speak her mind fearlessly and has always impressed audiences, not just with her acting skills but also with her bold decisions. Priety Zinta, for her fans, is one true star. Point out to the lady that the year 2008 has been a year of huge changes in her career and she replies, “Oh yes, lots of changes. My career shifted gears. I was suddenly doing
the kind of work that I had never done before. I won my first international award.” The year also changed her into an entrepreneur. Ask her about it and she says, “Yes, it did change me into an entrepreneur and while learning to deal with huge crowds and bigger egos, I hurt my eye and arm. I’ve two releases and the Indian Premier League (IPL) coming up. 2009’s IPL is going to get bigger and better, despite the recession.” How is that possible? “Research shows that during recession, home entertainment grows a lot, mainly sports.That’s where the IPL will come in. Also, the cost of the tickets for the seven matches won’t be astronomical,” she explains. The lady has openly voiced her support for women on several occasions and had said that she is all for the participation of women as spectators during the IPL matches. Personally, what will she do to improve the IPL further? Says the actress, “The entertainment quotient can’t be upgraded any more. But I want Mohali to flourish.” Ask her what the IPL experience has taught her and she replies, “IPL’s taught me to win and lose with a smile. It has taught me to play the game by the rules and still play from the heart.” So, what is she looking forward to now? “Right now, I’m excited about my New Year holiday. I also want to be physically super-fit next year.” And marriage? “Let’s not even go there. I’ll get married when I want to have babies. Look at the marriages today, yaar! But Ness is very well broughtup. There’s a nutty side to him, just like me.”