Ma’am Bond

Deepika Padukone in Chandni Chowk To China

Although Chandni Chowk to Chinais perhaps the first ever Bollywood Kung fu comedy, what
many are keen to see is not Akshay Kumar but Deepika Padukone doing stunts and using gizmos.
Deepika, who plays the role of a salesgirl in a tele-marketing channel in the film, uses gizmos similar to those seen in James Bond films, but in a comic fashion and not as part of any serious action sequences. Rohan Sippy, the producer of the film confirms this, saying, “Yes, Deepika uses many gadgets in the film, though not in a sophisticated way like James Bond does. We had kept aside a separate budget for them. In the film, she uses a multi-language translator to translate Chinese into Hindi and a bulletproof umbrella which also acts as a parachute. There is also a ‘love spray’ that she uses to drive someone completely crazy. However, we have not copied any device from any of the Bond films. Sridhar Raghavan (writer of the film) incorporated
all these in his script and we have used all of them in a fun way and not in a high-tech manner.”