‘I’m dying to be swallowed by Mallika’

Versatile actor Irrfan Khan has a lead role in the first Hindi film being directed by a Hollywood director. Mallika Sherawat plays a man-eating creature in Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss and the actor says he would love to be devoured by her.
“She plays a man-eating creature. She swallows men in the film. And I’m just dying to be swallowed by her. Watching

her devour men is a very, very sensuous process. Unfortunately, I don’t get eaten by her. I’m the investigative officer trying to find out who’s devouring all these human beings,” Irrfan says.
Irrfan adds that the special effects in the movie are awesome.
“I’m working in Hisss
with two very different
and interesting kinds of
women, Mallika and Jennifer. Hisss
would’ve been like any other snake-woman story. But the way Jennifer has treated the story has taken the film to another level. The special effects will shock our audiences. I think Jennifer’s film inspired Ramu (Ram Gopal Varma) to make Agyaat. High time we got special effects guys from abroad to do the needful,” he says.
Irrfan’s just released Dil Kabbadi offers him a change of image. “I’m not going to pretend. Dil Kabaddi is a film strictly for adults. And we shouldn’t shy away from saying this. It’s about dishonesty in man-woman relationships. I call it dishonesty by the standards set by civil society