‘I would love to do a Garam Masala with Akshay Kumar’

Cricketer Yuvraj Singh, who has been circuitously connected with Bollywood, owing to his liaisons with actors Kim Sharma and Deepika Padukone says if he ever decides to act, he would love to do a film like Garam Masala with Akshay Kumar.
“If I ever enter Bollywood, I would love to work with Akshay, since he too is a Punjabi and I gel very well with him. I would like to do a film like Garam Masala with him,” said Yuvraj.

Asked about the leading lady, he said: “I have always liked Kajol as an actress, so I would like to work with her as
well. I don’t want to take any names from the new breed because I don’t want to spark any controversies.
“However, cricket is my priority at the moment and I love my sport. But since you never know what the future holds for you, to Bollywood, I’m not saying yes or no.”
Yuvraj was in the Capital to promote an animation film Jumbo produced by Percept Picture Company with voice-overs from actors like Akshay and Lara Dutta. He too has agreed to do the voiceover in Punjabi for the movie.
“I hope the movie does very well. In fact, I’m sure it will rock. All the kids are going to love the movie and the characters in the film,” said Yuvraj.

On the same platform, condemning the terror attacks on Mumbai, Yuvraj said, “The terror strikes that created havoc in Mumbai were unbelievable. It was devastating to see something like this happening in Mumbai. It was also traumatic for me because my friend Ashish Choudhary lost his sister Monica and brotherin-law Ajit in the attacks.
“I hope that Jumbo acts as a catalyst to happiness and lifts the spirit of all those people who have lost their loved ones in the Mumbai attacks.”
Yuvraj, who has a massive fan following, loves playing tennis and describes himself as ‘sweet, charming and innocent’.