Getting candid

For some of her fans, she’s the Angelina Jolie of India, for certain others, she’s nothing less than an angel. But irrespective of what she is to her fans, Nayanthara loves them all. A fact she proved by choosing to celebrate her birthday recently with a few of them.
Their admiration for her is probably one factor that has helped the actress see off a year that hasn’t been a particularly good one for her professionally. Firstly, three of her movies
(Kuselan,Sathyam and Aegan) failed to meet expectations and now, she has been forced to pull out of director Lingusamy’s next project, Paiyya, in which Karthi is playing the lead.
Ask her about the year being a bad one and she says, “Yes,2008 has been a bad year for me, except for Yaaradi Nee Mohini, which was a hit. I can’t give you an exact reason as to what went wrong. In every movie, I give my 100 percent. Sometimes, people don’t like what you do in a particular movie.
They cite several reasons for not liking a performance. If a movie doesn’t do well, it isn’t anyone’s fault.” So, what forced her to pull out of Paiyaa? Says the actress, “I waited for almost three months for the movie and they didn’t start the project. They kept telling me that Karthi had problems with Selvaraghavan’s movie and that he couldn’t come out of it. So, I waited patiently and during this period, I heard rumours that Lingusamy was on the lookout for other heroines. But I never asked him anything. We were supposed to start our photo shoot on December 14 and 15 but now we are not doing it because all of a sudden they called up and said that I had to reduce my salary. I asked them to give me reasons for wanting to reduce my salary and they said that they didn’t have the budget for the movie. I told them that they must have thought of this before signing the contract with me.
“After a producer is willing to pay a whopping amount, you can’t expect me to settle for less. For me, self-respect is more important than money and fame. Also, I wasn’t happy with the way they dealt with us. They called up my manager and said I’ll have to reduce my salary or they can’t work with me. I said fair enough. If Lingusamy had told me about his problems before signing the contract, I would have considered cutting down my pay. I’ve done
it for several movies and would have done it for this movie too. They should have handled the issue in a better way.”
Does she plan on suing them? “No. I don’t believe in these things,” she clarifies.
The audience loves it when she sports a swimsuit, but there are those who criticise her for it. How does she take criticism? “Criticism never hurts because I take it very normally. But recently, I have been subjected to a lot of unnecessary criticism. Even if I don’t do anything, people criticize me.”
Draw her attention to the fact that while technicians who have
worked with her laud her camaraderie, not many actresses feel the same way and she says, “I’m a very honest person and I expect the same honesty, sincerity and faithfulness from the other person, be it a guy or a girl.” Interrupt her to ask her if she thinks guys are more honest and she admits, “Yes. To a certain extent. Girls tend to have a professional ego. This brings out the anger and hatred. Boys, on the other hand, are quite honest about everything.”
On Reema Sen’s caustic remarks about her, Nayan says, “I’m not here to make friends. If they have problems with me, it’s their problem. Not mine. I don’t have any problems with anyone.”
On her upcoming projects, the star says, “I am doing Villu and I will also be doing a movie with Surya.”
The going hasn’t been easy for this star. But then, as they say, the tough get going when the going gets tough.