Aamir Khan cool about Ghajini cuts

... but Murugadoss wasn’t, as the Censor Board cuts three gory scenes from the movie

Aamir Khan sure knows how to take things in his stride. The Censor Board passed Ghajini but not before making three cuts. The film got a U/A certificate. But while Aamir walked out of the Censor Board screening without a tinge of disappointment, the film’s director, A R Murugadoss was quite upset with the Censor Board’s decision. He kept arguing that they were being too harsh on his film.
The key reason why the Censor Board made the three cuts was because they thought that the film was too violent. The screening for the Censor Board was held at Liberty Cinema.
The Censors objected to three scenes — a man hits Asin with a rod twice, Aamir breaks a baddie’s neck and Aamir hits a villain with a tap and when the knob of the tap pierces the baddie’s stomach, blood starts dripping from the tap.
When contacted, Vinayak Azad (Regional Officer, Censor Board) confirmed the news and said, “Yes, we have cut the
which you are
talking about.”
the cuts, Vinayak
said, “We toned down the Asin scene and the neck-breaking. As for the tap scene, we couldn’t pass that as it was too gory.”
Vinayak added, “Murugadoss wanted to know why we couldn’t let those scenes remain since it was only a remake and the original version that had all these scenes. Murugadoss was especially particular about retaining the tap scene. We explained that we wouldn’t let it go in its original state unless he was okay with an A certificate.”
After consultation, Aamir and Murugadoss decided that they didn’t want an A certificate. “Murugadoss was a bit disappointed but Aamir looked calm and composed,”