Happy birthday Nayanthara!

Nayanthara is celebrating her birthday with her family today in Dubai, where her brother is settled.
Nayan, who is on a break, wanted to spend her birthday with her little niece whom she dotes on. The lass says that her brother is planning to host a small birthday party for her at the newly opened super luxury resort — Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island known as the eighth wonder of the world!
During the last five years, she has celebrated her birthday on the sets of her films. Now, she feels that it is a welcome break that will rejuvenate her and pep up her spirits.
Ask her if she’s moving away from glam roles, and she replies, “Why should I? My fans have accepted me in such roles. And it’s not easy to be convincing as a glam girl in films as a lot of hard work goes into it.”
The actress, who has watched Fashion and Dostana recently, says that she loved Priyanka Chopra in them. Adds Nayan, “Both the films were hip, trendy and youth-oriented. I will be back and am waiting to catch up with Vaaranam Aayiram.” On her birthday gift, she says with a smile, “My family always loves to surprise me at the last minute.”