Ghai’s lucky mascot — Yuvi

Bollywood’s grandest filmmaker and showman, Subhash Ghai has given us some of the biggest hits in history, all thanks to cricket. Er… make that cricketers. Here’s a little known secret about Ghai and his lucky mascots. And no, we aren’t talking about his ‘M’ms’ (Meenakshi, Madhuri, Mahima) line-up of ladies. It’s the men in blue, really. Apparently Ghai fancies naming his movies after famous cricketers. And strangely, he is hardly a cricket fan, and even avoids watching the nation’s favourite sport. His first two hits Kalicharan and Vishwanath were names of top cricketers, and couple of years ago he produced the critically acclaimed Iqbal (with cricket as the backdrop). His latest musical, touted as one of his most extravagant creations, is Yuvvraaj. In his usual sporty humorous style, Ghai says, “So what if I am not a big cricket fan? The cricketers’ names are lucky for me. They hit with the bat and ball, and I get hits with my movies.” Now that was a SG original. While we still have to wait to give our verdict on Yuvvraaj, we’ll tell you that Ghai is already scoring with his one-liners. Wonder what Yuvi boy has to say about this. Hoping to get a cameo in the movie, just for luck’s sake?