‘For once, in the right place, at the right time’

Kartik All Geared Up To Represent Middlesex In Champions League

New Delhi: Even as the Indian cricket team is on a victory roll, one cricketer, largely forgotten, continues to ply his trade on the fringes. Murali Kartik, of India, Railways, Kolkata Knight Riders and Middlesex, has continued to perform well despite having suffered the trauma of being in and out of the national team all through his international career.
The left-arm spinner, currently doing Ranji Trophy duty for Railways, is gearing up for the Champions League where he will represent the English county. In a chat with TOI on Tuesday, Kartik reflected on the dual life that he lives, the bygone Stanford Super Series and the ensuing Champions League.

What’s the colour that looks good on you — pink (the colour of Middlesex jersey) or mix of gold and black (the Knight Riders jersey)?
(Smiles) Depends on the season actually. In summer, my choice of colour is pink and during Indian summer mix of gold and black suits me just fine.
What hurt you more — losing the $280,000 match against Trinidad & Tobago in Stanford 20/20 or losing in the IPL?
Both (Stanford and IPL) had different meaning for me. Either way, losing always hurts. The Middlesex had a trophy (T20 championship) in the cabinet after 15 long years. Some of them like Owais Shah and Andrew Strauss had not tasted that kind of success so obviously they went to West Indies with an eye on the $280,000 (the club needed the amount) and an ambition to be considered the best domestic T20 team on either side of the North Atlantic. But KKR is closest to my heart. With KKR, we did exceptionally well to finish fifth, after taking time to start off. I wanted to represent KKR in Champions League but...
You’re the only cricketer in the world to have played in both IPL & Stanford and will play in Champions T20 League...How does it feel?
For once in my career, perhaps, I was in the right place at the right time. But I don’t take pride in this thing. The IPL, T20 county Championship and Stanford is just another part of cricket. This is just a feel-good thing. As an overseas player in county, it’s a feather in your cap. I take more pride while representing Central Zone, Railways and India.
What’s the difference between Middlesex and Railways teams?
Well. the Middlesex players take pride in their performance but if they lose it’s not the end of the day. Whereas, when it comes to Railways players, they take it a lot more seriously due to varied reasons...a lot is riding on them. Besides, another difference is one of facility. Middlesex being based in Lord’s has everything at their beck and call.