Britney’s new album, Circus, leaked online
Popstar Britney Spears’ new album ‘Circus’ has been leaked online. The ‘Baby One More Time’ hitmaker’s new album was received well on fan websites. The stunner was supposed to release her album on the 1st of December, just a day before her 27th birthday; however, many songs of the album have already hit the popular video-sharing site You-tube. Some fans suspect it was a deliberate leak, reports the Sun. Meanwhile, the popstar was also in news for working on a covert project with her manager and choreographer.

‘Borat’ star crashes NBC drama ‘Medium’: Even a make-believe psychic couldn’t spot the scam when an actor disrupted a scene for ‘Medium’ involving Patricia Arquette. After the unruly extra was ejected by security, the truth became clear: He was comic prankster Sacha Baron Cohen in his identity as outrageous fashion reporter Bruno. It was unclear how Cohen gained entry to the set, and whether he was secretly filming his performance for his own use, according to Entertainment Weekly’s website.
Pudgiest pets compete in slimming contest: Eight of UK’s fattest pets are to embark on a 100-day diet and fitness regime in a bid to be crowned this year’s pet fit club champion. The seven dogs and one cat, who are all more than 30% overweight were picked by veterinary charity PDSA who are running the slimming contest. The animals will be put on specially tailored diet and exercise programs. The pet who achieves the biggest weight loss and follows their new regime will be crowned champion.
Vietnam to banish skinny bikers from roads:
Vietnam’s ministry of health thinks people whose chests measure less than 28 inches should be stopped from riding motorbikes — as would those who are too short or too thin. The proposal is part of an exhaustive list of new criteria the ministry has come up with to ensure that Vietnam’s drivers are in good health. But it the plans have been laughed at be Vietnamese — a nation of traditionally slight people.
Desperate soccer fans hijack Argentine bus: Fans of an Argentine soccer team were so desperate to get to a game on time that they hijacked two buses and forced the drivers at knifepoint to go faster. Police also said they robbed several passengers. Sixty-three men and three women were arrested and charged.
Man accused of dousing neighbour for a ‘confession’: Police said a Pennsylvania man bound his neighbour with a duct tape, doused him with gasoline and threatened to set him on fire unless the neighbour confessed to robbing his house. John Black, of New Sewickley Township, was charged with burglary, aggravated assault, unlawful restraint and related crimes.
Johansson confused over Lohan’s remarks: Scarlett Johansson is shocked over the vulgar remarks Lindsay Lohan scribbled about her on a New York bathroom stall in 2006. Johansson is baffled, since the two have only met three times says