Miller secretly meeting Getty near his wife’s home

British actress Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty have been meeting at a hotel that is less than two miles from the actor’s wife’s house. A website reports that Miller and Getty have been meeting at the Chateau Marmont hotel. Getty had recently claimed that he has split from Miller and has begged his wife Rosetta to take him back. He also has four children with her.
Miller was seen leaving the Chateau recently while Getty’s car remained outside the hotel garage. Sources say that before she left the hotel, Miller looked nervous and upset and was arguing on her mobile phone.
A source said: “She looked ragged. Her hair was a mess and she was chain-smoking. She was arguing on the phone, talking about her and Balthazar being caught together in Italy.”
Another source added: “Rosetta has a lot of friends in Hollywood. People are turning their backs on Sienna because of this.”