From Hyderabad to Bangkok...

Soon after Kanthasamy’s shoot got, the actress flew to Bangkok for over Jaggubhai

Shriya is a busy bee. From the sets of Kanthasamy in Hyderabad, she has flown to Bangkok for the shoot of Radaan Media Works’ new film Jag gubhai. The film, directed by KS - Ravikumar, has Shriya play ing the role of the daughter of a tycoon enacted by Sharat Kumar. A new girl from Andhra plays her mother’s role in the film. The film will be completed in one schedule in Bangkok and Australia in 45 days. Ace cameraman RD Rajasekhar is in charge of cinematography, while a new music director Rafee is being introduced. Meanwhile Shriya has been dragged into a new controversy, as she returned the signing amount given by producer Kathiresan for his film with Dhanush to be directed
by Vetrimaran. Kathiresan
had confirmed Shriya’s dates
for April but at the last
minute the launch was de-- layed, as Vetri had not com
pleted the script and
Dhanush had started his new film P adikathavan . Dhanush Polhad earlier worked on ladhavan with Vetri. Shriya’s dates went awry
and Kathiresan informed her
that his film with Vetri will
start only after Dhanush completes P adikathavan and Arya remake for Gemini Film Circuit. This made her
see red and she straight away
returned the advance to the
producer who refused to accept it. The latest we hear is that the Nadig ar Sangam will take up the issue on her