Dead man talking for Catherine Zeta-Jones!

Actress using psychic connect with relatives of the past

Catherine Zeta-Jones was thrilled when a psychic was brought in to rehearsals on her new movie Death Defying Acts because she always wished she could speak to some of her relatives who have passed away.
The Mask of Zorro actress reportedly said: “I was fascinated by the psychic. I wanted to know what it felt like when you’re channelling or doing whatever it takes to get to that state of mind, so he changed my perspective on it. I would love to be able to contact people on the other side. If I could speak to my grandmother one of these nights, I’d be doing it. So I do believe.”
Incidentally, Death Defying Acts, a biopic of illusionist Harry Houdini, has flopped at the US box office, taking just $3,560 in its only weekend of showing. However, Catherine, 38, insists she isn’t worried about it damaging her career. Now that’s a career defying act!