Shriya's delighted. Here's why!

Shriya Saran is all smiles these days.The Trailer of her first Hollywood film The Other End of the Line
is being appreciated.The film releases in the US on October31.She plays the role of Priya,an employee at an Indian call-centre in Mumbai,who travels to San Francisco to be with the hunk Jesse Metacalfe whom she falls for over the phone!Shriya has a steamy kissing scene with Jesse which has been picturised very well.Shriya personnaly sent a clipping of trailer to all her friends in which she looks absolutely smashing!!

Meawhile she is all excited about playing Kamal Haasan's first wife in a flash back scene in Marmayogi,where she also lislocks with the actor.Overnight,she is singing hosannas about the actor,seeing his dedication and the meticulous way he narrated the script to her.Shriya has interesting line-up of releases ahead---The Other End of the Line with Jesse,Sarath Kumar's Jaggubhai where she plays his daughter,Vikram's super-hero action adventure Kanthasamy,Deepa Mehta's What's Cooking and above all Kamal Haasan's Marmayogi