Asin’s gain is Vipul’s pain

Someone once said, “A pair of shoes can change your life. Just ask Cinderella.” And the same holds true for changing a film’s budget. Ask director Vipul Shah of London Dreams.
Recently, Vipul had an interesting experience while shopping with Ghajini actress Asin who stars opposite Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan in Vipul’s film London Dreams. While shooting for the film, Asin picked up an exquisite pair of shoes worth nearly Rs 2 lakh from a store in Paris. Vipul had to pay for the expensive shoes without a murmur.
The incident in question happened when the 23-year-old Asin complained on the sets of London Dreams in Paris that the shoes given to her to wear were uncomfortable.
Our source from the film’s sets said,
“Vipul had arranged for a very nice
pair of shoes for Asin for a particular scene which was to be shot with Asin and Ajay Devgan. Unfortunately, Asin was quite uncomfortable in them. Asin and Vipul realised that they couldn’t proceed with the shoot if Asin was wearing them. Thereafter, Asin and Vipul rushed to a store to pick up a new pair of shoes for the actress. They came back to resume the shoot very quickly since Ajay was waiting on the sets and they could not afford to lose too much time.” At the shoe store, Vipul waited patiently while Asin looked around to find that perfect pair. After a few minutes, Asin picked up a pair of black shoes with studs. When Vipul asked how much the shoes cost, the shopkeeper coolly said, “3000 euros (Rs 2 lakh approx)”. Surprisingly, Vipul did not ask Asin to look for another pair. Even if he was shocked, he did not let that show. Clearly, he did not want to disappoint the lead actress of his film. Our source added, “Asin didn’t ask how much the pair cost and Vipul did not even tell her how much he had to pay.” When contacted, Vipul confirmed and said, “Yes, I bought a pair of shoes worth Rs 2 lakh for Asin. We had to continue the shooting without any hiccups and I don’t let anything hamper my shoots. I never compromise on the quality of my films.”